A collection of development related articles from various newspapers and magazines.

Subsidized daycare to play key role in dev pitched for Pic-A-Flic site in Cook Street Village – Nov 30, 2018
A 48-unit condominium proposal slated for the present-day Pic-A-Flic Video property and two adjacent properties in Victoria’s Cook Street Village could materialize with a unique amenity, if development plans are approved.

Rental vacancies ease slightly, rents higher – Dec 27, 2018
Greater Victoria’s tight rental vacancy rate has eased slightly in the past year while the average rent climbed by 7.5 per cent.

$10.79M downtown condo sale doubles the previous record – Nov 27, 2018
A Canadian couple has finalized a pre-sale deal for the $10.79-million penthouse in the Customs House building — smashing previous records for Victoria condominiums.

B.C. investing $231M to build new homes for Indigenous residents – Nov 24, 2018
Government aims to build over 1,100 affordable home across the province

Proposed downtown condo tower to go to public hearing – Nov 23, 2018
Amid concerns about its potential impact on Victoria’s street community, a condo tower proposed to be built across the street from the Our Place Society’s Pandora Street drop-in, will go to public hearing.

Rising development costs, low land supply a concern among homebuilders – Nov 22, 2018
The costs of raw land, lending and steel are top of mind for Canada’s homebuilders as they attempt to deliver homes consumers can afford

Downtown daycare, affordable condos pitched as part of three-building redev of high-profile Ithaka Greek Restaurant block – Nov 19, 2018
A high-profile city block enveloped by the busy thoroughfares of Yates, Cook and Johnson streets is poised for redevelopment into a mixed-use residential and commercial node

UVic’s 600-units of new student housing will push campus buildings to new heights – Nov 15, 2018
Several years after its last on-campus housing project was completed the University of Victoria (UVic) has embarked on a plan to deliver modern residences for 785 graduate and undergraduate students by the first half of the 2020’s.

Province outlines funding for 900-units of community housing throughout Greater Victoria – Nov 13, 2018
The provincial government has outlined the details pertaining to $97.4 million in funding to assist in the construction of 914-units of community housing to be built throughout southern Vancouver Island.

Plans for 100-unit Fort Street rental complex include two heritage façade restorations – Nov 13, 2018
A proposal to build a 100-unit rental complex along downtown Victoria’s Antique Row will go before council later this month

CFAX interview with Kathy Hogan, executive director, Urban Development Institute – Nov 9, 2018
A radio interview following council’s decision to amend the Interim Inclusive Housing Policy

Victoria eases housing stance amid backlash – Nov 9, 2018
In the face of huge backlash from the development community, Victoria councillors Thursday eased off a proposal that would have immediately required all new condo projects to include between 10 and 15 per cent “affordable” units.

Councillors’ push for affordable housing will halt building, city told – Nov 8, 2018
New housing development in Victoria will grind to a stop if city councillors push ahead today with a proposal mandating “affordable” units in all new condo projects, warns the Urban Development Institute.

Victoria council’s affordable housing agenda could derail the supply of new homes – Nov 8, 2018
Real-estate developers are sounding the alarm ahead of a vote by the City of Victoria’s newly-minted council to move towards a housing policy which could inadvertently derail the supply of new rentals and condos within the municipality.

Housing measures aim for ‘bold action’ – Nov 6, 2018
Victoria’s newly elected council is wasting no time looking for ways to introduce more affordability into the city’s housing market.

Why’s the Rent So High for New Apartments in Seattle? – Nov 5, 2018
An audit of where the rent check goes reveals the simple answer: Housing is expensive to build and operate.

When Millennials Battle Boomers Over Housing – Nov 5, 2018
In Generation Priced Out, Randy Shaw examines how Boomers have blocked affordable housing in urban neighborhoods, leaving Millennial homebuyers in the lurch.

Demand for tiny homes is getting bigger – Nov 2, 2018
More than half of Americans would consider living in a home that’s less than 600 square feet