• Tell us a bit about Totangi Properties, what brought you to join UDI Capital Region?
    We are a small land management and development company that focuses on residential, recreational and resource land.  We are currently involved in projects in Langford, Sooke and Jordan River.  We joined the UDI to take advantage of the educational and networking opportunities and stay on top of current issues and opportunities.


  • What do you feel sets Totangi Properties apart from other developers?
    I suppose our background in resource land ownership and management provides us with a unique perspective in managing for multiple resource values such as timber, aggregate, and environmental values.   We have a long term approach to investment and will often hold and manage lands for other values while we wait for them to mature into real estate development opportunities. We are experienced in all phases of land development from raw land to final product and often service land with our inhouse construction crew.


  • Totangi Properties has been in business for over 50 years. How do you feel Totangi has helped shaped the landscape of the development industry in that time?
    The real estate development aspect of our business has been a focus of our company for about the last 20 years, although we still managed timberlands as well.  I don’t know if we have helped ‘shape’ the development landscape as we are a fairly low key company that has built a reputation of being fair and consistent with our work.  We have tried to do things a little differently from time to time such as the first geothermal development in Sooke, but generally we are known as a reliable, slow and steady developer that is trusted in the communities that we operate in.


  • Looking to the future, are there any positive changes you hope to see in the development industry as a result of the current Covid-19 crisis?
    The past year has been a challenging year for our industry, but it has also been a year where we have witnessed the strength and benefits of the long term, trusted relationships that we have built in the industry – going forward we feel we are better positioned to leverage our core strengths and work with new partners on other projects.  Also, it has become remarkable clear this past year which jurisdictions in the CRD have embraced the need to supply housing and enable efficient process for developers and those that have created more barriers to supply through more layers of process.  As a company, we often talk about being results oriented and not process oriented.  We would like to see a shift in the approving agencies from being focused on process to results.