• Tell us a bit about Farris LLP and what brought you to join UDI – Capital Region

Farris is a full-service law firm with national, and international, expertise centered right here in BC. That is why we are proud to call ourselves “British Columbia’s Law Firm”. We opened our Victoria office in 2005, and we constantly strive to stay engaged with the community. With our expertise in real estate, financing and business law, the Urban Development Institute is a perfect fit for us to continue engaging and contributing with leaders in the Capital Region community.


  • What sets Farris LLP apart from other legal firms?

The real capital of a law firm is its people. From the support staff to the paralegals to the associates and the partners, working with Farris means that you are working alongside the best in the business. Farris lawyers are consistently ranked as some of the best in their fields, and there is never a closed door or a deaf ear when advice is needed.


  • Looking into the future, are there any positive changes you hope to see in your industry as a result of the current Covid-19 crisis?

Despite the many negative impacts of the current crisis, we do believe there have been positive changes that will endure in the legal field as a result of COVID-19. One of the unexpected consequences of adapting to legal practice in the context of social distancing is that it has forced lawyers – as well as judicial and government institutions – to become more accessible remotely. You don’t necessarily need to sign a contract with ink for it to be valid anymore, and physical presence isn’t always necessary for a hearing. Tools like video-conference and electronic signature have allowed us to be more creative in our forms of communication, and we do not believe that the end of COVID will, or should, be the end of that trend.