• -Tell us a bit about Crown Capital Properties, and what brought you to join UDI

Crown Capital Properties is an all woman development company focused on building better communities by working in collaboration with municipalities to make a positive impact on housing needs. Crown Capital joined UDI because we recognize the value of great networks, professional teams and collaborative processes.  We also value continuing education programs.  UDI is a recognized leader in the development community and we are grateful to be a part of the membership.


  • -What sets Crown Properties apart from other development companies?

Crown Capital is a property development company founded by 4 women coming together to form a unique development company.  We look at development from a holistic perspective creating win wins for our investors, for the community, and for the tenants occupying our buildings.


  • How do you define success in your projects? What project are you most proud of?

Success is filling the need of the communities we work in and creating a residential asset that enhances peoples lifestyles and quality of living.  We are most proud of the working relationship we create at all level of development.


  • Looking into the future, are there any positive changes you hope to see in your industry as a result of the current Covid-19 crisis?

We hope that developers recognize the need to change and adapt residential concepts to better accommodate the adjustments in life and work styles that will remain after the pandemic is over. We want to see all levels of government continue to create opportunities that invite creative development processes. We would also like to lead by way of example and encourage more women to get involved in development related professions.