A collection of development related articles from various newspapers and magazines.

How ‘Developer’ Became Such a Dirty Word – July 29, 2019
It’s a demonized group, yet there are few solutions for the housing shortage that don’t at least partly involve more development.

Rooftop City – Could Victoria be Making Better Use of Our Building Tops? – July 27, 2019
Open up the satellite view of Victoria on Google Maps and the rooftops all look pretty black.

Amid an affordable housing crisis, cities take the lead, test many solutions – July 27, 2019
Downtown, it seems “the only new buildings are luxury student accommodation and hotels,” and those expensive developments are squeezing out housing for locals.

City report finds developer incentives to build rental housing are working – July 25, 2019
It is clear the City of Vancouver needs to continue and do more of what it is already doing to catalyze the construction of new rental homes in the market.

Vancouver incentives not enough to get rental units built on higher-priced land – July 25, 2019
City staff hope to encourage developers to build more stock in low-density neighbourhoods where land is cheaper than in commercial areas.

Making the case for cottage neighborhoods – July 25, 2019
Empty-nesters Bonnie and Andrew Sakallaris decided to downsize when they realized they were spending all their time in about one-third of their 3,500-square-foot house in Fairfax Station, Va.

Construction slows in Greater Victoria – July 23, 2019
Government policies partly behind slowdown in first five months of 2019, builders say

Townhouses on the rise in popularity in Greater Victoria – July 22, 2109
A report finds 152 townhouse units in the construction pipeline and coming onto market in 2020.

A return to days of old: Portland developers pitch boardinghouses as affordable housing – July 22, 2019
Confronting a shortage of low-rent apartments and expensive construction, they embrace a time-tested option.

5 Ways To Make the Missing Middle Less Missing – July 19, 2019
A July 2019 report from Bloomberg explores the decline in Missing Middle housing in the United States—and it turns out it’s more missing than ever.

Spec tax: Little Sign of Impact on Victoria Market – July 19, 2019
Last year the provincial government introduced what they originally called the Speculation Tax.

Developers clamour for piece of Island – July 18, 2019
Victoria faces big-city problems, and potential, as an industrial land shortage and high demand for office and retail space characterize the province’s strongest commercial real estate market outside the Lower Mainland.

The Status Quo is a Choice, Too – July 17, 2019
The status quo is not neutral. The status quo is also a choice.

Developers Are Helping to Build Our Cities, Not Killing Them – July 15, 2019
Rather than treating them as the enemy, cities should collaborate with them.

New development can help create a city for everyone – July 14, 2019
Our family lives on a residential street that has several older apartment buildings.

Canada needs a rebirth of co-op housing – July 14, 2019
The cost of housing is gearing up to be a top issue in the coming federal election.

Apartment oversupply puts squeeze on rents – July 14, 2019
An investor-led building boom has almost doubled the size of the Sydney apartment rental market in two years, forcing landlords to drop rents more than $100 a week in some areas to secure tenants, and casting a shadow over the thousands of units still under construction.

The secret to lower housing prices? It’s all in the zoning – July 12, 2019
The defining feature of North American cities is the single-family detached home. It is the least efficient way to house people, yet municipal zoning laws have historically served to ensure its primacy.

Construction launches on 178 affordable homes on the Westshore in addition to 162 already underway and 365 newly completed – July 11, 2019
A duo of affordable housing projects have gotten underway on the Westshore in recent days, adding to the 162-units already under construction and several hundred recently completed.

In Detroit, Tiny Homes Are More Than a Lifestyle Trend – July 11, 2019
They’re a possible solution to homelessness and chronic poverty.

Tech start-ups look to disrupt the affordable housing industry – July 11, 2019
Until recently, technology companies ignored the housing market.

Westshore population growth to outpace Saanich and Victoria as region heads towards 500,000 inhabitants – July 9, 2019
The south Island’s population is projected to increase by 22% or nearly 90,000 inhabitants over 20 years, according to the latest projections by BC Statistics (BCS).

Ignoring expert advice leads to less – July 7, 2019
If you have been following Victoria city council since the municipal elections last fall, you have undoubtedly seen coverage of questionable policy considerations and decisions.

Victoria-area ‘inflatable home’ the first in Canada – July 7, 2019
Housing company says Binishell structures eco and affordability-friendly

Tiny homes as affordable and alternative housing gain in popularity. Colorado is at forefront of the movement. – July 5, 2019
More people build and live in tiny homes in Colorado than in almost any other state

Victoria eyes forever rentals, but landlords say no way – July 5, 2019
City looks to apply ‘rental tenure zoning’ to 16,000 apartments in 500 buildings

CRD might pump up housing plans – July 4, 2019
Capital Regional District staff will investigate options for renewing the $90-million regional affordable-housing initiative.

Cool Aid Society secures approvals for 72-unit affordable housing complex along Gorge Road East – July 2, 2019
Victoria council has granted approvals for a 72-unit affordable housing complex proposed by the Victoria Cool Aid Society.

Seattle Says Yes to the Best Rules in America for Backyard Cottages – July 1, 2019
The zoning changes will welcome more neighbors by allowing three homes on most residential lots.