A collection of development related articles from various newspapers and magazines.

20-acre Otter Point Road subdivision in Sooke’s town centre has sold; zoned for 127 homes – Dec 16, 2018
One of Sooke’s largest undeveloped parcels of land in the town’s central core has been sold for approximately $4 million

Against all odds, progressive land-use reforms are taking root in American cities – Dec 14, 2018
With Minneapolis, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles moving forward with progressive land-use and transportation reforms last week, much of the conventional thinking behind how American cities work could soon be upended.

America’s Hottest Housing Debate Is Coming to Oregon – Dec 14, 2018
It took a minute, but America is finally warming up to a revolutionary construction paradigm that could shorten commutes, lower housing costs, and ease the way to racial and socioeconomic integration in cities and suburbs: the apartment.

Affordable rentals and an office complex envisioned for Tally-Ho Hotel site – Dec 12, 2018
A former hotel complex-turned social housing residence along Victoria’s upper Douglas Street corridor is eyed for redevelopment into a mixed-used, multi-phased affordable rental and commercial project

Three Cheers for Minneapolis (the 3 is for triplex) – Dec 12, 2018
Minneapolis just took a huge step toward becoming a stronger city by passing an ambitious new housing reform.

Bay Area leaders propose aggressive housing fix, and new agency to get it done – Dec 12, 2018
A panel of mayors, developers and transit officials has an aggressive plan to stanch the Bay Area’s housing crisis by combining a regional rent cap, new property taxes, laws against arbitrary evictions and loose zoning near transit centers.

The single-family rental industry is starting to consolidate – Dec 11, 2018
OwnAmerica’s sale to Renters Warehouse last week will bring end-to-end services to smaller investors

A Principled Way Out Of The Housing Crisis: Allow More Housing! – Dec 11, 2018
If we are looking for a fair and efficient way of increasing supply of housing in fast growing regions of our country what are the basic principles that we should apply?

What Does Incrementalism Actually Mean? – Sept 6, 2018
Strong Towns talks a lot about incremental change as opposed to sudden change. But what exactly does it mean?

PDX Reform Plan Hits a Sweet Spot: 24,000 More Homes but Just 117 More Demolitions – Dec 7, 2018
Thousands of lots currently on track to become one-unit McMansions would see “missing middle” housing instead.

Let Them Apply for Variances – Dec 6, 2018
When you’re in the business of criticizing conventional land-use regulations, there’s a callous reply that crops up from time to time, especially among planners: “Yes, well, a developer can always apply for a variance.” This should not be accepted as a serious defense. Here’s why.

Leigh Road extension connecting TCH with Langford and Westshore parkways delayed until spring – Dec 3, 2018
The Westshore’s latest road improvement project connecting Leigh Road and the Leigh Road Trans Canada Highway interchange to Langford Parkway has been delayed until spring, according to the City of Langford.

Seattle’s housing crunch could be eased by changes to single-family zoning, city report says – Dec 3, 2018
The single-family zones that make up about 75 percent of Seattle’s residential land have accommodated just 5 percent of all new housing added in the city this decade, according to the planning commission’s report released Monday.