A collection of development related articles from various newspapers and magazines.

The Cautionary Tale of Portland’s Inclusionary Housing Policy – April 25, 2019
Earlier this month, the City of Portland released data on its two-year-old inclusionary housing policy through a flashy, self-congratulatory website touting the “success of Inclusionary Housing” in the city

BC Housing CEO: Government can’t spend its way out of housing crunch – April 23, 2019
The CEO of BC Housing has thrown a kink into a widely shared belief that government-funded solutions to the province’s housing dilemma are the primary way to overcome low apartment vacancy rates and rising rental costs.

A Permit Process Should Never Take a Year. Here’s a Different Way – April 22, 2019
When I first spent time professionally in California, I had a hard time believing the stories I was being told about how long it took to obtain a regular construction permit.

Exclusionary Zoning Robs Our Cities Of Their Best Qualities – April 20, 2019
Eight ways it makes our communities more expensive and less just.

Downtown Victoria is Dealing with Unprecedented Change – April 19, 2019
Douglas takes a snapshot of our downtown as people argue over and innovate solutions for keeping the urban core great amidst fast growth.

Leader says NDP wants to see homes retrofitted by 2050 – April 19, 2019
‘Bold plan’ unveiled ahead of October federal election

There’s a new use for America’s dying malls: co-working – April 18, 2019
People may not want to go to the mall to shop, but they do want to go to work. It’s all part of an expanding footprint for co-working spaces in suburban America.

Civic Crowdfunding Can Reduce the Risk of ‘Bikelash’ – April 17, 2019
This collective fundraising technique can help defuse anti-cyclist sentiment before it dooms protected bike lanes and other new infrastructure.

Mortgage stress test caused $15-billion drop off: bank – April 17, 2019
Ottawa’s new mortgage stress tests accounted for at least half of the decline in new mortgages started last year, according to a new report by CIBC that calls for the measure to be revisited amid a falling housing market.

155-units of affordable housing pitched for Vic High lands in Victoria’s Fernwood neighbourhood – April 15, 2019
A land swap between the City of Victoria and the School District of Greater Victoria could yield a $50 million multi-building affordable housing complex immediately west of Victoria High School’s running track.

Newer condo buildings energy hogs: study – April 13, 2019
British Columbians living in newer high-rise condos likely have a higher energy footprint than they might think, according to new data from B.C. Hydro.

Victoria’s trepidation over bridge land sell-off forces Northern Junk proposal to slim down, nix condos in favour of rentals – April 9, 2019
The City of Victoria’s about-face over the sale of excess Johnson Street Bridge lands has forced a decade-long harbourfront development proposal to drastically alter its design and scope

What’s The Message Of A Painted Surface? – April 8, 2019
Murals and graffiti have always been a way of communication. From the Altamira Caves to the Sixtine Chapel, we’ve gone from propaganda to advertising to public art.

Housing Markets Should Be More Like Supermarkets – April 4, 2019
When we’re surrounded by one type of housing most of our lives, it’s easy to forget that neighborhoods once offered housing as diverse as the selection of food available at a grocery store.

Rent-to-own program launching at Belmont Market’s rental homes a first-of-its-kind on Vancouver Island – April 2, 2019
Renters in the Capital Region will soon have the option of contributing a portion of their monthly rent towards a condominium purchase through a first-of-its-kind program launching this month on the Westshore

NIMBYs Argue New Housing Supply Doesn’t Make Cities Affordable. They’re Wrong. – April 2, 2019
Tokyo is a shining example of how free market housing regulations can keep even big, growing cities affordable.