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In order to maintain vibrant communities and meet the population growth projected for the Capital Regional District over the next 20 years, innovative solutions are needed to remove existing roadblocks to housing.

Join prominent housing density advocates, Sonja Trauss (founder, SF Bay Area Renters Federation) and Adrian Crook (co-founder, Abundant Housing Vancouver) for a solutions-oriented discussion that explores the key barriers standing in the way of the creation of new housing; providing practical solutions and ideas that people can take away to support the establishment of housing in their region.

Enjoy presentations by Sonja and Adrian, followed by a 30-minute Q & A session moderated by Gary Pooni, MCIP.

Adrian Crook 

Adrian Crook is a solo father of five who lives in downtown Vancouver and blogs at 5Kids1Condo.com. Adrian often writes and speaks on the subject of urbanism, families and raising independent children. He spent two years training his kids to take the city bus, riding with them daily, before the government intervened. With the help of the ensuing outpouring of support from around the world, Adrian brought the BC’s Ministry of Children and Family Development to Supreme Court on a Charter challenge and is now awaiting judgement.
He’s obnoxiously passionate about sustainability, housing, and transportation. Adrian’s co-founded two non-profits – Abundant Housing Vancouver and Abundant Transit BC – to advocate for better housing and transit options. He’s also the spokesperson for BC Rental Project, a rental housing policy change group. Adrian is a Director or Advisor to several technology firms, ranging from workforce solutions to game design to blockchain. In his spare time, he enjoys being involved in civic life and spending time with his kids.

Sonja Trauss

Sonja Trauss started organizing pro-housing renters in 2014, founding SF Bay Area Renters Federation (SFBARF). In 2015 she realized that although grassroots organizing is the core of any successful social movement, especially one related to housing, pro-housing community members need to be able to enforce existing pro-housing state laws, like the Housing Accountability Act.
She incorporated a non-profit now called YIMBY Law to sue cities that are out of compliance with state housing law. In 2016 she co-founded the YIMBY Party which has over 30 affiliate clubs all over the United States. Sonja has been featured in the New York Times, and is the subject of a book coming out February 2019 called Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America.

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Tuesday, November 5th from 5 – 7pm
KWENCH – 2031 Store Street, Victoria (Map)
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light refreshments will be provided.

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