Event Date:

On April 22nd, 2021 from 5-7pm, grab a glass of wine and join us for our next Women of UDI book club! We will be discussing Urban Magnets by Bruce Hader, Mark Holland, and Bruce Irvine.

All Book Club gatherings will be held over Zoom, in keeping with Federal and Provincial guidelines. Book Club meetings are free to join, however registration is required.

A little about our newest book choice:

Urban Magnets presents a compelling contrarian perspective on urban vitality that is based on current society, not the romantic notions of the past. It is a welcome and long overdue challenge to the dominant paradigm of contemporary urban planning, zoning and design. Drawing on the insights of three experienced professionals in architecture, urban design and planning, Haden, Holland and Irvine convincingly challenge the belief that generic nice urban form, designed with no one particular in mind, will create vital places. With often witty and tongue in cheek critique, the authors question our reliance on expensive architecture and ever-present predatory retail as the only ways to enliven cities.

The authors are committed to making our cities as interesting as our smartphones to reinvent urban sociality and vitality. They illuminate the underlying success factors behind some of our global cities’ most social urban places, including Berlin, Los Angles, London, Vancouver and more, and propose a six-factor program for learning from them to make any place an economically successful and socially vibrant quarter of any city – an “urban magnet.” They tackle head on issues of diversity, subcultures, urban design, zoning and offer interesting critiques of some of planning’s iconic names in theory and design.

Urban Magnets is a must-read for anyone who is committed to making our cities creative, vital, energetic and interesting places for the next generation.


Urban Magnets is available for $20 directly through UDI Capital Region, contact Emily at EmilyD@udi.org for your copy. Special thanks to Mark Holland, one of the authors and UDI Capital Region educational correspondent, for providing us with these hard cover editions.