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Grab a glass of wine and join us for our next Women of UDI book club!
We will be doing something a bit different for this meeting; instead of choosing a book to read and discuss, we’ve traded reading for listening. We plan to discuss three specific episodes (listed below) from The Broad Experience, a podcast diving into women in the workforce.

All Book Club gatherings will be held over Zoom, in keeping with Federal and Provincial guidelines.

A bit about The Broad Experience’s host, Ashley Milne-Tyte:

Ashley Milne-Tyte is a British-born writer and public radio reporter based in and around New York. In 2002, she began interning at her local station, WNYC, and since then she produced hundreds of news spots and scores of features for Marketplace, the public radio business show. She has also filed stories for NPR, WNYC, The World, and the BBC. Her print pieces have appeared in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Independent, the New York Daily News, and Metro, among others.
Since 2010 she has been an adjunct professor at Columbia Journalism School, teaching radio storytelling skills and how to write for the ear as well as the eye. She’s also taught podcasting at Stonybrook University. In 2012, she graduated from CUNY’s entrepreneurial journalism program, where she incubated and launched The Broad Experience. Eight years after starting the podcast, women and the workplace has become an international topic of conversation. Ashley hopes her show highlights women of different ages, from all different backgrounds, who can all speak to the shows themes.


Our Chosen Episodes to Discuss:

  • Episode 161: What’s is Happening to Women’s Careers Right now?
    • Synopsis from thebroadexperience.com: In this episode I sit down with Jessi Hempel, host of LinkedIn’s Hello Monday podcast on the future of work. We talk about how the last six months have affected women’s careers in particular, and what might happen next. We discuss who’s able to get ahead right now, and the delights of a supportive manager whose home/work life is as crazy as your own. This is an incredibly uncertain time. A time when a lot of us are simply managing the day to day, which is itself challenging. Jessi and I don’t have a crystal ball, but we wonder – will this pandemic have lasting effects on women’s progress? This is the first of a few shows looking at what’s happening to women’s careers as this global health crisis continues.



  • Episode 172: Speaking While Female
    • Synopsis from thebroadexperience.com: This episode takes a step back in time to look at the history of women as public speakers, and how the past relates to the present. If you look at history books or speech anthologies, you might assume women didn’t say very much in public until the 20th century. But that’s far from the case. My guest, speechwriter and coach Dana Rubin, has compiled a speech bank of women’s speeches going back hundreds of years. Women were speaking up…it’s just that HIStory wasn’t interested. And that legacy, Dana argues, affects the way women see themselves as speakers today.


You can find The Broad Experience on Apple PodcastsSpotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.
You can also listen by clicking any of the episode names linked above.

Event Details:

Meeting to be held over Zoom
Wednesday June 16th, 2021
Time 5:00 – 7:00
Free to Attend – Registration Required