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As a “Partner in Community Building,” the Urban Development Institute is dedicated to working with communities and governments to create and achieve the vision of balanced, well-planned, and sustainable communities. The Urban Development Institute focuses on improving municipal policy through advocacy and liaison committees, professional development, and industry aligned education. In our rapidly growing region, partnership is essential to ensure wise, efficient and productive urban land use. We are committed to enriching our communities by engaging and collaborating with local government and members alike.

Local government will face a myriad of challenges in 2023, and it can be difficult to hit the ground running when you do not have a full understanding of each individual industry you’re collaborating with. Understanding Development Realities, a new course built specifically for Elected Officials on Vancouver Island, aims to bridge the knowledge gap our Elected Officials face when looking at new developments across the region. Join us in learning about how our partnership can affect affordability, building pace, and more from Colliers’ Consulting and Strategy Group.

Understanding Development Realities is a virtual, one hour course held on January 25th, 2023, from 12:00-1:00PM. All Elected Officials on Vancouver Island are encouraged to join.

Course Details
Virtual Platform: Zoom
Wednesday, January 25th, 2023

To register, please email Emily Donner at emilyd@udi.org

Course Presenters

Ankita Khurana, Colliers’ Consulting and Strategy Group

Ankita has over 14 years of work experience across real estate focused acquisition, development & asset management, corporate finance and advisory. She supports Colliers’ Consulting and Strategy Group with detailed financial analysis and underwriting oversight for real estate advisory, ongoing development & asset management and due diligence, including liaising with lenders, legal advisors, project contractors, development managers and civic planning staff on a variety of real estate development concerns. She is an expert at developing financial strategies that ensure assets provide affordable rents and positive cash flows to support both the community and the organization’s financial needs.

Jaraad Marani, Colliers’ Consulting and Strategy Group
Jaraad has expertise in urban planning, market research, public policy, development work and non-profit capacity building. A master of relationship management, he is able to take on any project challenge with clear and concise process simultaneous to ensuring timelines are met and communication remains open among all project stakeholders. Jaraad is currently working with a number of not for profits, charities and private clients to deliver much needed affordable rental housing throughout various municipalities in British Columbia.  The portfolio is in various stages of approvals, construction and completion with targeted delivery of over 850 rental units by 2022.

Course Facilitator

Mark Holland, WestPlan Consulting Group
Mark is President of Westplan Consulting Group, a planning and development consulting company based on Vancouver Island. Following many years of education in innovative sustainable urban planning and design, Mark played a major role in charting the path on sustainable urban development in the 1990s including the planning of Southeast False Creek in Vancouver, which was declared the greenest neighbourhood in North America in 2009 by the US Green Building Council. Mark has won many awards for his projects and has developed many concepts and frameworks relating to sustainable communities such as the 8 Pillars of a Sustainable Community, Experience-driven Planning, and the acclaimed Resilient Cities Manifesto. He is the co-author of the widely referenced book Agricultural Urbanism, that focuses on progressive ways of integrating sustainable food systems into city planning and design.